Pete managed all aspects of the project and brought a legion of competent and reliable trades who worked under Pete’s tight schedules as well as his oversight hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. Clearly, they respected him, and he led them to do their best for us.


I try to take each project with an artist's eye, incorporating Old World craftsmanship into new home designs. My company relishes the challenge of creating one-of-a-kind homes"    
- Peter Edwardson

"Pete Edwardson is a joy to work with!” 
— Bob Hillier (Studio Hillier LLC, Princeton, NJ)

"I engaged Peter Edwardson to build a two-story addition onto my house on River Road in New Hope, PA.  We discussed the project during the time that my architect completed plans for the work, and I appreciated the input Pete offered even before my final selection of contractor. Eventually, he was my choice because I liked the openness of his process. He laid out for me his strategy in detail--with prices by category--for managing the project in such a way that I would have ongoing knowledge of progress as well as control over costs.

Pete managed all aspects of the project and brought a legion of competent and reliable trades who worked under Pete’s tight schedules as well as his oversight hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. Clearly, they respected him, and he led them to do their best for us.

And it got even better than just that.

Pete immersed himself not only in the management and oversight of the work but also in the art and detail of the finished product. He thought about and re-thought various aspects of the building’s design and made several suggestions along the way for changing and improving upon the architect’s plans and specs. He engaged me several times with insightful, clever thoughts about changes and additions, including the idea of incorporating existing stonework within the finishes of several rooms, and together, we worked out some re-designs that enhanced the final outcome. For instance, the building now has some re-positioned windows that maximize views, an entryway that has drama not envisioned in the original plans, a second-floor laundry area that nobody had previously thought of. Even more surprising yet ingenious, Pete redesigned a second floor bathroom by incorporating unused attic space to create a cathedral effect.

Pete and his crew, together with us the homeowners, became a team dedicated to the finest finished product they could create.

Without question I would recommend Pete."

- Gary Forlini (New Hope, PA)

To Whom it may Concern

It has been my pleasure to know and to work with Peter Edwardson for the past eight years. It is truly my pleasure to write this letter of reference and recommendation about him.

We first met when I selected Peter to be the  General Contractor on a modern house that I built on spec and then sold to the current President of NRG, Mauricio Gutierrez, about a month before it was finished. It was a complex house to build to its high design and sustainability standards. Peter was able to meet those standards and also satisfy the complex and demanding changes that Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez made in its final weeks of construction.

There was a problem with one set of doors that Pella, the window manufacturer had provided. The sliding doors kept leaking. With Peter we explored every thing that could possibly be wrong from caulking, to flashings, to workmanship and even design. In the end, it turned out that the sliding doors themselves were the problem and after two years, Pella provided properly manufactured new doors and Peter Edwardson put them in. All at no cost to me, as the developer, or the Gutierrez’s, as the owners.

I tell this story in detail because it demonstrates Peter’s character, his caring, his perseverance, his refusal to give up, and his goal to have a satisfied client regardless of what it takes. 

Besides these terrific qualities as a person and a businessman, Peter is a phenomenal craftsman who gives great attention to detail. He is a master carpenter besides being a wonderful builder. The support he gets from Linda Oshatz, who manages the business aspects of the enterprise, lets Peter focus on being a great builder.

In addition to the Gutierrez house, Peter has worked on my own home, Autretemps, the home of Kyu Whang, the Vice President of Design and Construction at Princeton University, and, just this last summer, the total renovation and refurbishment of a very modern home that I designed 25 years ago for the Chairman of Glaxo Smith Kline. 

I introduced Peter to PRISMS, the Princeton International School for Math and Science, about four years ago and he has served them very well in doing routine deferred maintenance repairs but also in emergencies in solving issues that were preventing Princeton’s Building Inspector from issuing a Certificate of Occupancy the day before school was to open.  

PRISMS was so impressed with Peter as a builder that they flew him to China for a month to lecture to Chinese builders on how the building process was conducted in the U.S.

In closing, I must point out that, in addition to all the qualities outlined above, Peter is a very nice person and has become a good friend. 

I highly recommend Peter Edwardson to you and will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Respectfully yours,

J. Robert Hillier, DHL, FAIA

“Fortunately I was referred to Peter by a friend, and I was glad to hear that he had a strong reputation in the area. And despite his larger scale projects (like building some pricey custom homes in Princeton), he was still available to take on smaller projects.

From our first meeting I was impressed. Peter’s communication style was excellent and he understands the importance of clear and thorough communication with his clients. He also does what he says he will do.

Throughout the project Peter made site visits and he always responded to phone messages promptly. His crew was excellent and his management of the project could not have been better. From start to finish the project was done in a thorough and responsible manner that increased my confidence in Peter’s work. I recommend him without qualification.” 

— Paul M. Brala (New Hope, PA)

“We would like to extend to you our sincerest appreciation for the care, skill, craftsmanship, and professionalism exhibited by you in the construction of our new home. In an industry too often known for shoddy workmanship and uninspired results your insistence on the highest quality materials as well as your attention to detail and aesthetics throughout the entire design and building process are, we believe, unique and refreshing. You were always prompt, attentive, and available to answer any questions we had as our home took shape. Thank you for all you have contributed to the realization of our ‘dream house’. It is our true hope that the friendship we feel we have generated with you will continue long into the future.” ‘

– Daniel L. Auvil & Anita Read

“Our experience with you and your company was and continues to be delightful. You took the time to understand what we wanted in our house and you were happy to accommodate the changes we made as we went along. As a result, we ended up with exactly what we wanted and we could not be happier.

In terms of the workmanship, I can honestly say that we now live in the best built house we have ever owned. There was never any scrimping on materials and the craftsmen you employ are exemplary. All of the people who worked on our home worked o it as if they were going to live there.”

 — Kevin & Janet Smith (Richlandtown, PA)

 "Peter built my Bucks County farmhouse in 1998. Through his vision, creativity, and attention to detail he created our dream house. Over the past 20 years I have continued to engage Peter to perform upgrades and updates to our home".

- Jeffrey S. Garvin

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I comment on the practical experience an expertise of P. Edwardson Construction.

I have personally known Peter since 2001. And even though I know very many people in the industry, I'm hard pressed to think of anyone who is more passionate about their craft. Peter loves to build and to create... and has the energy, initiative, and work ethic to do so effectively and efficiently... the key to providing value a building owner.

What's more, his years of experience (primarily in and around Bucks County, PA), have led to a vast stable of contractors and affiliated parties that culminate in a solid team approach to custom (and often complex) building projects.

With a good eye and ever-present concern for the clients needs and wants, Peter is able to aptly manage the often challenging requirements of custom building and, perhaps most importantly, genuinely cares about, and takes immense pride in, his projects.

I ought to know, I live in a home that he built.

Sincerely yours,

Keith B. Coleman
President, CEO, and Owner